When can I send my jewelry repairs to M&G?
Send us your repairs starting May 2014
How big is M&G and how do I know I can trust them with my jewelry?
M&G is the largest jewelry and watch repair company in the United States. For over 20 years we have serviced most of the Nation’s leading jewelry stores and jewelry department store’s repairs. If you have taken your jewelry or watch in for repair, there is a very good chance we were the ones who fixed your piece. M&G is the most trusted repair company in the industry and keeping our clients and customers happy is our number one goal!
My jewelry and/or watch are valuable, is it safe to ship them to M&G?
Yes, M&G is the largest jewelry and watch repair company in the nation, providing repairs for over 3,000 jewelry locations nationwide. Every single one of the 500,000+ repairs we conducted last year was shipped to our facility and shipped back to the store after repair completion. However, if you would like to have insurance on your box, you will have that option for both shipping it to us and us shipping it back.
I have heard people say their jeweler switched their stone or diamond, how do I know it is safe to send my piece to M&G and what are the chances of my stone being switched?
The chances of this happening are NEVER! M&G performs over 500,000 repairs per year and has never been accused of switching a stone. We have set up many security measures in all aspects of our process to prevent the chance of this ever occurring. When we first receive your box, it is followed closely on camera from the UPS/FedEx/USMail truck until it is opened. We open the box under HD Cameras and take HD photos of all angles of your item. Our photos are so detailed we can actually plot any inclusions on the stones. On top of this, our jewelers do not have access to stones to even make a switch. Our stones are kept in a different, highly secured area and are inventoried daily. Our work environment is the most secured and tightest security in the industry. Our dress code, metal detectors, x-ray machines and armed guards make it impossible for someone to try and get anything in or out of our secured facility. You can rest assured that your jewelry and sentimental stones are secure in our hands.
How does M&G charge less than any other jeweler and offer free shipping?
Because you are going straight to the source, the repair prices are cheaper! M&G does the highest quality work in the industry but also runs the most lean operation. This has allowed us to constantly expand each year in the most efficient way possible. M&G is the only repair company to have both a facility on the West and East Coast!
Where is M&G Jewelers located?
M&G is the only repair company to have both a facility on the West and East Coast. Our West Coast facility is located in Southern California and our East Coast facility is located in Connecticut.
Does M&G provide a warranty on the work that is performed and if so, how long is it?
Yes, M&G guarantees our workmanship 100%! If there is a defect in our workmanship, whether it is one week or 1 year old, no matter what the timeline, we will fix it at NO CHARGE! We take our workmanship very seriously. M&G is the leader in the industry when it comes to the lowest return rate due to workmanship. Currently, less than 0.5% of our jobs are returned to M&G for this reason.
How long will my repair take and when will it be returned to me?
This really depends on the type of repair that is needed and if any parts are necessary for the repair. If a piece is coming in for a simple sizing or battery replacement, we can process these types of repairs the same day we receive them and ship them back immediately. But if a special design, intricate work, or watch part is needed it can take a little longer. With shipping back and forth, a repair will usually be out of your hands for just about a week. Just make sure to approve your estimate as soon as you get the email so we can start work on your piece right away!
How long will it take M&G to provide me an estimate on my jewelry? What about my watch?
M&G will provide an estimate to your email the same day we receive your jewelry piece. If we need clarification on exactly what you are asking for, we will send you an email. Most watches can typically be estimated the same day we receive them, however if a special part is needed from the manufacture, it may take 24-48 hours to get a part estimate from them. Make sure you check your email for the estimate, approve it, so we can get to work on your piece right away!
Will I get emails on the status of my repair?
We know you do not want to be bombarded with emails daily, so we set up an even better online tracking system. We will send you an initial email with an estimate and a link to our online tracking system. At any time you can log on to the website and see the status of your repair.
Can I call to check the status of my item? Will I speak with an actual person?
Yes, M&G is open Monday – Friday 7am-6pm PST. Call anytime with any questions you may have and our customer service representatives would be happy to assist you. Our number is: (877) 989-1117
Can I send more than one item in at a time for repair?
Of course!
I live in the same area as your facility, can I just drop off my repair so I don’t have to pay for shipping?
No, M&G has the highest security in the industry and does not allow anyone to come to our facility. This is a security measure to protect and keep safe, your jewelry! We have more cameras than a casino and armed guards protecting every entrance. Please do not try and come to the facility as you would only be asked to leave. That being said, we have made sure to make shipping as easy as possible for you and it is FREE, we will pay for it!
I need my ring sized up and have heard people say jewelers will stretch a ring in order to not use gold. Does M&G do that?
M&G would never risk our reputation on doing low quality work. We add the proper amount of metal needed for every ring sizing. Even if your ring is only going a ¼ size up, we will be adding metal to the ring to ensure that it comes back to you the same width and thickness as when you sent it to us!
Does M&G Jewelers have the ability to add sizing beads on my ring?
Yes, M&G has the ability to do any jewelry repair including adding sizing beads to a ring. Typically sizing beads are added to a ring to stop the spinning of the ring on the finger, not to size the item.
My jewelry needs a stone replaced, can you do that?
Yes we can! If your item is a multi-stone piece we will match the missing stone as close as possible to the stones remaining on the item. If it is only a ONE stone piece, we will need as much detail as possible from you on the stone you would like replaced. If possible please include the desired shape, type of stone, cut, color, natural, synthetic, lab-created. Please also feel free to include a picture if you are not exactly sure what it is. Our team will work hard to ensure we get your item looking exactly the way you want it!
Can M&G convert my yellow gold piece to be white or my white gold piece to be yellow?
Yes, through the process of electrolysis, M&G can replate your jewelry item with either Rhodium (used for white gold plating) or a yellow gold. The plating of these will wear over time with frequent use, so we do recommend sending them in every 6-8 months for a new coating to make your piece look brand new again!
I see a lot of jewelry retailers charge a lot of money for “Rhodium”, what is that and why doesn’t M&G charge for it, I do not see it on the price list?
Rhodium is actually a precious metal that is more expensive than gold per ounce. Rhodium is applied to white gold pieces via electro plating. This enhances the jewelry piece, bringing back that shiny luster like the same day you bought it! It makes the diamonds look more brilliant and gives it that shiny white finish. M&G does use rhodium plating in our process, but we will not “up charge” our customers for this process. We want to keep the costs for your repairs as low as possible!
My watch is broken but still covered under warranty, can M&G fix it?
Yes, M&G is one of the largest watch repair companies in the industry and we are trusted to work on almost any watch by the manufactures. We are the authorized watch warranty repair facility for major brands Bulova, Accutron, Carville, and Swiss Army. If your watch is one of these brands, not only can we fix it if it is under warranty, we will bill them, not you! If your watch is a different brand, we can take care of the processing for you with that manufacture (processing fee applies) or provide an estimate for us to do the repair in house.
My Quartz watch just stopped working, what’s wrong, can M&G fix it?
In many cases the issue is simply a drained battery, which usually have a lifespan of 1-3 years. If the issue is not the battery our Master Watch Technicians are able to run diagnostics on your watch to determine the issue and provide an estimate  for any repairs needed to restore timekeeping.
Can M&G work on my Rolex watch?
No, however M&G does have the skill set and Master Watch Technicians with the ability to fix any watch, but you must have a special authorization to work on a Rolex. M&G is currently working with Rolex to become authorized, but at this time we are unable to perform a repair on a Rolex watch.
Can M&G repair my mechanical or heirloom timepiece?
Yes, M&G Jewelers certified Master Watch Technicians can repair and service all brands of timepieces (with the exception of Rolex) and provide restoration services to family heirlooms.